The purpose of our chapter is to develop a space where members are encouraged and engaged in their careers with companies who are in-tuned with the value of diversity, equality, and innovation.   The chapter needs its members to participate in chapter activities to ensure its growth and success.  Companies are invited to share its activities on our site, recognize their employees, and endeavor with us to create a diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) community with opportunity for all.  

Our name Blacks in Technology (BiT)is a bit of a misnomer.  Our chapter is inclusive of all people of color.   We welcome all who see the value in this work!  We use the word technology to include all disciplines in the STEM domain.  The framework of technology should be achromous.  However, bias and inequality exist.  It is our goal to meet these challenges and confront them where they exist.  Diversity and equality are complex issues in our society and the challenges are many.   For many people of color, access, and opportunity are often difficult hurdles to overcome.   We unite in the obstacles to digital access regardless of income and location.  We want to change the narrative often heard when asked why people of color are not in leadership roles, hired as faculty, and/or are included in entrepreneurial and innovative conversations.  We invite you to join BiT_RTP as a member or a company. Help us slay the dragons of bias, discrimination, homosocial reproduction, inequality, pay inequity, and racism in the STEM domain.  Join us!

Our goals:

  • Calling all those who have a or want to know more, or engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to join as we address the issue of the graying of STEM, and create a pathway for those who follow us.  
  • Assisting and mentoring our membership in developing their brand and skillset; advising members of methods to ask for pay increases; and aiding members in understanding the skills and tools to be successful in STEM.
  • Partnering with companies to develop a database of qualified applicants of color, providing a pipeline for companies and members to connect, and promoting companies and their employee activities. 
  • Expanding and increasing entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), engaging companies to support chapter and its members; and enhancing chapter's outreach.