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Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) (MiS)

Our mission:  Minorities in STEM’s mission is to eliminate the lack of diversity and inclusion for people of color and women throughout the entire spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Our Vision: MiS is committed to the advancement and inclusion of people of color and women in STEM and, and other areas where we have been denied, rejected, or slighted. 

Our purpose: Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) (MiS) is a member subscription organization where members are encouraged to engage in their careers and the issues of diversity and inclusion.  Companies who are committed to the values of diversity, equality, and inclusion are asked to partner with MiS to change the landscape of STEM for people of color.   Organization members are expected to participate in chapter activities/interest groups to advance the mission of the organization. We ask our members to share their successes and concerns as working points to the end goals of diversity and inclusion.  Our partner companies are invited to share its activities on our site, recognize their employees, and endeavor with us to create a diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) community with opportunity for all.  Our chapter is inclusive of all people.   We welcome all who see the value in this work!  All STEM disciplines are included in our work.  Women and the issue of pay inequity is a central concern in STEM.  We are committed to eliminating any inequity where we find it!  The framework of STEM should be achromous.  MiS believes together, we can highlight the achievements and the deficiencies in STEM.  We ask all who  value fairness, equality, and opportunity for all to join us.  For members, the annual membership is $25.00.  For  organizations, please partner with us, you can find more information on partnering with us, by clicking here.  We invite you to join MiS as a member or a partner and help us slay the dragons of bias, discrimination, homosocial reproduction, inequality, pay inequity, and racism in our discipline.  Join us!

Our goals are to ADAPT

•    Advance diversity, equality, and inclusion through MiSRTP membership, partnerships, and outreach; advance, recruit, and develop members who share the passion of diversity and inclusion; and advance and promote STEM and its benefits to schools and students.

•   Develop processes and procedures for members and the MiS community to address the challenges of pay inequities for women and people of color; develop tools for members to negotiate their pay and place within their organizations; and develop STEM training, conferences, and other educational resources.

•   Assist and mentor our members in creating their brand and increasing their skillset; assist schools in keeping and improving STEM retention; and assist the MiS community and others in the language of equality.

•   Participate with organizations to challenge and change discrimination and bias where found; participate with companies to create a database of qualified applicants;  and participate in the creations of a pipeline for companies and members to connect and increase diversity where possible.  

 • Team with those available to deliver and support entrepreneurial opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for our members, our communitis, and for those who seek change in the diversity and inclusion; team companies to support the Chapter and its members; and team up with members to enhance the chapter's outreach