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Use your leadership skills!  Serve on our Advisory or Governing Board!

Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) needs your expertise.  As a leader in the diversity and inclusion or STEM, your experience, education, and exposure to guide our organization!  Benefits of serving on our board include the opportunity to give back to our community, mentor, serve as an advisor, and add to your career!  The demands of the role are small.  The Board meetings are once a month and uses emails and other tools to move our mission forward.  We will add you to our website and recognize your efforts.  Join us and help us change what we want in STEM and diversity!

  • Board member appointments are two years and can be renewed for one year terms after the initial two years.  
  • Board members are individuals from the RTP community, our partner organizations, MiS members, and other leaders in the diversity and inclusion domain and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).   
  • The Advisory Board are members of partner organizations.  These members advise MiS on the best practices in diversity and inclusion.  Members directs the development of MiS partnerships, fund raising, membership, and community outreach.  
  • The Governing Board are MiS members, community members, and others who share the interest of MiS.
  •   Becoming a board member is simple. Complete the form below, select advisory or governing board, provide a brief summary of your interest and reason why you chose advisory or governing board, and submit the form.  


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