Donate to Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)_Research Triangle Park (MiS_RTP)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines are experiencing an explosion.    In contrast to the growth in STEM is the lack of qualified employees.  One source of declining of employees is due to aging of the current staff in STEM.  Another concern has been the lack of inclusion of people of color and women in STEM.  White men have long been the driving force in STEM.  Today's growth in emergent fields require diverse ideas and collaboration across broad spectrums.  

Donate to Minorities in STEM 

For our work, we will have many needs.  With your in-kind donations of space and support for chapter meetings, computers and software licenses, advising, and membership support, we are only limited by our imagination.  We offer you in return a committed partnership of a shared vision to eradicate the scourge of inequality where we find it, to advance ideas of STEM and its emerging future to all who interested, and a chapter dedicated to entrepreneurial and innovative for its members, partners, and our community.

  • With your donation, we can develop programs that reach young minds and encourage them to explore and persist in STEM. 
  • With your donation, we can engage with companies to rethink diversity
  • With your donation, we can challenge pay inequity that have hampered women 
  • With your donation, we host workshops and trainings for marginalized populations
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