Invest in the Dreams of  Minorities in STEM through the MiS Angel Network (MAT)!

The Minorities in STEM Angel Network (MAT) benefits are:

    An investing vehicle for STEM and underserved popluations.
    An orginaztion dedicated to your success.
    An organization with people who share your values. 
    An opportunity to do make a difference.
    An accessible method for identifying projects,  process for finding, evaluating, and a possibly a return on your investment.
    An opportunity to collaborate with the STEM community and expand the tools and people in STEM.        

Project Guidelines

  • Paricipants must be familiar with  investing and the risks.  
  •  Participants must be enaged in MAT  through the following activities:  
    •  Actively review and provide resources for projects as appropriate.  
    •   Share insight and other information on the value of a project.