Are you in the STEM domain?  Partner with us!   

Minorities in STEM_Research Triangle Park (MiS_RTP) needs your support.  With your support, we can engage the movement differently.   Please read our partnership agreement.


  • We can open dialog with diverse communities 
  • We can expose young people to your organization 
  • We can research and create entrepreneurial opportunities 
  • We can advance diversity, equality, and inclusion where it does not exist
  • We can collect and share research data in STEM discipline with regard to race and gender
  • We can promote distinct and fair thought discussion for our populations
  • We can keep girls in STEM
  • We can resolve the issue of pay inequity between genders
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Donate to Minorities in STEM

For our work, we will have many needs.  With your in-kind donations of space and support for chapter meetings, computers and software licenses, advising, and membership support, we are only limited by our imagination.  We offer you in return a committed partnership of a shared vision to eradicate the scourage of inequality where we find it, to advance ideas of STEM and its emerging future to all who interested, and a chapter dedicated to entrpreneurial and innovative for its members, partners, and our community.