About the Movement

Minorities in STEM_Research Triangle Park (MiS_RTP) is a member subscription organization.  Our purposes intersect and diverge.  Our Organization is open to all people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  It is our aim to hold these disciplines true their foundations...empirical, measureable, and observable with a few other characteristics including accessible to all, diatonic (lacking color), and equitable.

With our members, partners, and you, we can change the STEM narrative.  We have heard the STEM stories...not enough girls and people of color, pay inequity for women across all disciplines, the browning and graying of America, few people of color in leadership roles, and the scattering of entreprenuerial and innovative opportunities in the minority communities including access to venture capitalist.  

  • You can donate to our chapter.  You can specify your donation focus on a specific area.
  • You can volunteer with us.  Have an area of expertise that can advance the STEM narrative? Volunteer with us.
  • You can partner with us.  Your dollars can help us make real change.  Any amount will be put to a worthy cause.