Who We Are and Why Join Us?



Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM)_Research Triangle Park (MiS_RTP) is not your typical member subscription service.   We are not a social organization.  We are not a networking organization.  We are based on the principles of humanity, revolution, and vicissitude.  The universe of STEM is disruptive and ubiquitous. It does not have a ethnicity, gender, a race, or a religion.  We open our organization to anyone who wants to champion advancement, diversity, entrepreneurship, equality, inclusion, innovation, knowledge, and leadership for people of color and others who are marginalized.  

Mentors. If you are new to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in this organization, you will find mentors who will engage and guide you through your career. Many times success in a career is a matter of having someone who has been there before and is willing to share his or her experiences.  Find your mentor(s) with us.  

Branding.  Do you have a brand? Want to refine your brand?  You and your skills are a brand.  Use the tools you have developed to promote yourself.  Engage with seasoned members to define your skills and your profile to advance your career.  

Entrepreneurship and innovation.  Science and technology are moving at the speed of light.  Join with like minded members to develop the next great phenomena. Create a team, raise money, or find a venture capitalist, and see your idea fly. 

Revise the narrative. For so long the story ended with unqualified, unprepared, or unavailable applicants of color when organizations are looking to hire.  Join us as we change this narrative.  Whether it is homosocial reproduction, the old boys club, or poor networking, the time has come for another story.  

Pay inequity.  What is equal pay?  How do these conversations begin?  Collaborate with other members to develop channels for change.  Together, using social media, legislation, and other mediums, members will drive action to change the issue.  This is an issue whose time has come.  

Organization activities.  Participate in one of many of our activities.  We need our membership to push the diversity envelope.  There are numerous activities including:

  • Managing the Chapter's social media
  • Publishing the Chapter's newsletter
  • Mentoring
  • Blogging
  • Updating the Chapter's website
  • Moderating the forums
  • Maintaining the Chapter's mailing lists
  • Serving on a board
  • Marketing and communication
  • Events and outreach
  • Membership
  • Fundraising
  • Other functions as needed